At Coping Cafe, we interview certain guests on a variety of topics related to coping.

What is coping you ask. Dealing with a challenge, handling adversity, learning to manage a new situation, practicing new life skills in order to better adapt to new changes. 

So far Coping Cafe has produced interview shows on the following topics: economic inequalities, refugee experiences, relationships, loss, mental health, building support systems, the arts and healing, mentors, and the shape of stories.

We are so grateful to our incredible speakers, participants, and co-sponsoring organizations.  Thank you to HIAS PA, Rwandan Refugees, Pnai Or Philadelphia, and Rhonda Greif’s healthy food plans. 

Coping Cafe is stirring up a soulful sweet tea for our Fall 2020 series so  Stay tuned.  

Coping Cafe sparks meaningful dialogue about transformation, truth, and trauma.  Programs draw on life stories, evidence-based research, and a dose of humor.  The goal is to explore how individuals can build stronger support systems for themselves.


What’s next?

Fall Series coming soon. Stay tuned.

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How can I get more involved in Coping Cafe?  

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Thank you for supporting this innovative work to help people learn more about managing life transitions. Contributions are tax-deductible and go towards speakers, ops, and scholarships.