At Creative Coping, we facilitate workshops–online and in person–on topics such as managing change, integrating artistic expression into one’s healing, and building support systems.

Creative Coping brings a unique, value-added approach by combining evidence-based research, trauma-informed care, life stories and case scenarios, and a dose of humor.







 Photo: Creative Coping workshop with refugee Eugenie M of Rwanda and HIAS Pennsylvania

During the pandemic, in 2020, we conducted a dozen or so online workshops with diverse community leaders such as HIAS Pennsylvania, Lenfest Institute of Journalism Equity initiatives, psychologist Dr Jeff Shapiro on mental health, women artists on healing, author Dr. Betty Sue Flowers on ‘The Shape of Stories,’ author Arthur Kurzweil on mysticism, and more to learn, connect, and be inspired.

Creative Coping offers resources and inspiration to help individuals build support systems while also addressing systemic challenges. We believe that people are connected, that we affect one another, and that we can lift each other up as well as bring each other down.

Where has Creative Coping given back to community?

In 2021, we are delighted to deliver workshops with target populations of social workers, artists, faith groups, and schools. Workshops are interactive and combine evidence-base practice, life stories/case examples, and infuse creativity in the process to help people manage transitions and live their best lives.

To commission a workshop for your group or to learn more, click here (link coming soon, thanks for your patience)

 Aviva organizes a youth program at WHYY Public Radio


 Aviva shares a story on equity in the workplace, at The Moth, World Cafe Live, 2018