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Aviva A. Perlo has written over 40 articles on grief, loss, healing, and resilience in various publications such as The Times of Israel, The Huffington Post, medium.com, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Exponent, Milestones, Houston Herald Voice, and more. She has compiled and distributed lists of social service Resource Materials for children and families with Philadelphia nonprofits, mental health clinics, senior centers, faith based organizations, and universities. Aviva is grateful to the English department at The University of Texas at Austin for teaching her how to pen prose.


Here is a list of some of her work. If you would like to see more written work, please Join the List to enter your email in the green box. Thank you.


Highlights of Aviva’s Work

Go out unto yourself, November 2019, www.medium.com

Guns, Torah, and 90th Birthdays: Honoring Rabbi Segal, Herald

Learning about mental health & Torah in a Beit Midrash, August 2019, Times of Israel

Preparing your soul for the Super Bowl, video, February 2018

Hold onto what is Good, November 2017

New York magic, August 2017

Coping with Alternative fAcTz: Take 1, May 2017

‘Declutter, Toss the ethics,’ January 2017

Dark and Light on Broadway, December 2016

Philadelphia Wins, April 2016

Show me the Proof, April 2016

Aviva on Broadway, video on Miracles, December 2015

An Awesome Bar Mitzvah, Growing and Learning, November 2015

The Power of Community: In memory of Neely Snyder, September 2015

Sustenance from Below, Remembering Richard, May 2015

Birthday Muses, Spring is Here, March 2015

Love: a Poem, February 2015

The Body Speaks, April 2014

Learning from Life’s Big Classroom: Taking Stock, January 2014

The Torah of Touchdowns, November 2013, Huffington Post

Wrestling with Change, September 2013

Fullness: The Art of Holding a Lot, June 2013

Managing Life’s Transitions with the Omer, May 2013, Huffington Post

True Freedom and personal Heroes, March 2013

Inside an Insular Community: Isaac’s Story, February 2013

Michael’s Story: Resilience in the Wake of Being Shot, December 2012

Joy, even while we are Vulnerable: Sukkot, October 2012

Bringing Ourselves to Holy Space, June 2012

Liberation in the Context of Grief, April 2012

Hidden Truths in the Month of Adar, March 2012

Connected to those we do not Know, February 2012

Slowing down after the Rush in Cheshvan, November 2011

The Silence between Words, October 2011

Beyond Tragedy, August 2011

Retirees Make a Difference, April 2011