What we do

Creative Coping provides artistic tools to help people manage life changes such as loss, injury, or illness.

Educational materials and programs affirm that we have the capacity to strengthen our own support systems.

Creative Coping does the following:

1. Designs and delivers one-of-a-kind educational materials and programs that combine clinical best practices, personal narratives, and interactive exercises

2. Publishes unique written materials that combine clinical best practices, personal narratives, and draws connections between personal experiences and life’s larger macro contexts

3. Speaks/facilitates/performs to raise awareness about the impact of trauma and how to cultivate support systems. Integrates trauma education with ritual, unites prayer and pom poms, and examines inter-generational influences shaping us.

Some content is serious, and some is downright silly. A sense of humor is key!

 The work is Rated D&P = deep and playful


Who uses Creative Coping materials?

Creative Coping can be used in a variety of ways. Therapists can use the materials with clients and staff.

Nonprofits, for-profits, and schools can use materials in trainings and events.

Groups and individuals can commission Creative Coping to lead trainings, workshops, Human Cheerleading, and comedy news routines. Presentations can be a one time event or for an on-going series.



“Creative Coping gift bags were the center pieces at our women’s event. They were pretty and also very meaningful.” – Rabbi Stein

“Children in public schools have few resources; they live with enormous challenges. The more support we can give, the better they can perform. We welcome Creative Coping.” – School Administrator, Ms. Edwards

“Creative Coping suits seniors because we need to hear that we can’t control everything, but we can do things to make it better.” – Robert,senior center community member

“My family and I went to Europe for the 75th anniversary of the first transport out of Auschwitz.  My mother was on that train. I was both excited and nervous for our trip. I wanted a little support, something to put in my suitcase. We met with Aviva. She gave us a gift bag with symbolic objects and encouraged us to cultivate support along the way.” – Danny F