What we do

What we do:

1. Produce live interview shows on Zoom called Coping CafeCafes feature diverse voices on aspects of coping, bringing the intellect and the heart together. Drawing on personal stories plus evidence-base research, Coping Cafe provides social outlets for people to connect and spark meaningful conversation. Ticket info here

2. Write and publish articles about trauma, loss, recovery, and support systems. See blog here.

3. Public Speaking, Trainings.  Topics include: building support systems, coping with loss and grief, self care?  Programs are interactive, tailored to fit your needs, and available on zoom.

4. Sell Coping Kits and educational materials

coping kit: box with chocolate, vitamin c, lavender, heart, pen, candles, pen, feather, stress ball

What do people say about Coping Cafe?

“I learned a lot at the Coping Cafe on immigration. A lot of data, sad numbers, it made me think more about the lives of children and families.” – Coping Cafe participant

“I liked how the Powerpoint had beautiful images to describe the lessons. It made it easier to reflect on my grief.” -participant from Public Speaking Engagement on Loss, New York nonprofit

“Children in public schools have few resources and enormous challenges. The more support, the better they can perform. We welcome Creative Coping.” – Ms. Edwards, School Administrator

“Aviva’s work artfully communicates the truth of the moment, with clarity that cuts through the fat and touches the soul.” -Jesse F., Theater Director, Artist, and Educator, NY, NY

“Creative Coping suits seniors well because we need to hear that we can’t control everything, but we can make it better. Support systems are good.” – Robert, Senior Center member

“My family and I went to Europe for the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation.  My mother was there. I wanted some support for the trip. We met with Aviva, and she gave us gift bags with symbolic objects and encouraged self care. It was really helpful.” – Tammy F.

“Creative Coping gift bags were the center piece at our women’s event. They were lovely and meaningful.” – Rabbi Margot S.