What we do

The mission of Creative Coping is to provide artistic tools that help people manage life transitions, such as loss, injury, or illness. The tools are intended to remind people that we all have the capacity to strengthen our own support systems.

Creative Coping does the following to accomplish this mission:

1. designs and delivers one-of-a-kind educational materials combining clinical information and personal narratives, workshops are interactive and engage participants

2. publishes unique written materials combining clinical information, personal narrative, and framing personal experiences within a larger picture, a macro context that can relate to people of diverse ages and backgrounds; links the personal with the universal

3. performs unique material in artistic settings designed to raise awareness and question reality, with talent and expertise on the integration of trauma and tradition, prayer and pom poms, infusing presentations with personal professional, spiritual, and academic experience studying trauma, its impact, and inter-generational influences

Some content is serious, and some is downright silly. A sense of humor is key!

 The work is Rated D&P = deep and playful


Who uses Creative Coping materials?

Creative Coping can be used in a variety of ways. Therapists can use the materials with clients and staff.

Nonprofits, for-profits, and schools can use materials in trainings and events.

Groups and individuals can commission Creative Coping to do a comedy news report, Human Cheerleading, training event, or video, based on your group’s needs. Materials can be as short as 2 minutes or as long as a three-part three hour program.

Depending on availability, Creative Coping materials can be delivered to you electronically or in person. Please inquire/enter your email through Contact Us.



“Creative Coping gift bags were the center pieces at our women’s sedar. They were pretty and also very meaningful.” – Rabbi Stein

“Creative Coping suits our group because we need to hear that we can’t control everything, but we can do things to make it better.” – Robert, Senior Community member

“My family and I went to Europe for the 75th anniversary of the first transport out of Auschwitz.  My mother was on that train in the Holocaust. I was both excited and nervous for our trip. I wanted a little support, something to put in my suitcase. We met with Aviva. She gave us a gift bag filled with symbolic objects and encouraged us to cultivate support with every moment and memory.” – Danny F

“Children in public schools have few resources; they live with enormous challenges at home. The more support we can give, the better they can perform. We welcome Creative Coping.” – School Administrator, Ms. Edwards

Do you want to bring Creative Coping to your group or Sponsor a program for at-risk youth?

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