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Coping refers to handling adversity and managing a difficult situation with some level of fortitude. Coping may include reaching out to ask for help, spending our time wisely, gathering resources, maintaining hope, and more. There is not one recipe for coping; we each have a journey. Sometimes it takes time to heal. So we take it day by day…  

Creative Coping is based on the belief that we each experience challenges in life, and although we cannot control everything that happens in life, we can minimize suffering by sharing parts of our stories, seeking truth, arming ourselves with knowledge, and occasionally poking fun of society’s realities.

Losing a loved one, experiencing an illness or injury can leave us feeling shocked and full of despair.  Sometimes we do not yet have the words to explain what is happening. Yet we can still practice self care, join a group, try to eat well, sleep well, exercise and socialize regularly, and keep a schedule for work, volunteering, a community dance class, etc. Healthy habits with others yields healing. Please note Creative Coping does not provide any clinical services.

Creative Coping was founded by Aviva Perlo in early 2011 to educate and provide tools for dealing with loss and transitions. She brings a background in social work, improvisation, and writing. By age 40, Aviva survived a brush with death and lost five loved ones. Her work is Rated D&P=deep and playful.

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