Hello and welcome to Creative Coping. In this photo, Aviva leads a program on coping at Mighty Writers North, After-school program.

Now we’ve gone remote due to covd19. We are currently offering: Coping Cafe, Writing coaching, Public speaking, and Freelance Writing.

First, a brief overview:

What is coping?

Coping may include: Asking for help, Determining priorities wisely, Gathering resources, and Keeping hope alive.

What is the secret sauce to coping?

Unfortunately, there is no secret sauce or magic potion to solving life’s problems. There are many ways to build healthy support systems, and we have to work at it.

The goal of Creative Coping is to provide artistic tools to help people realize that everyone has the capacity to build support systems and cope.

What are some examples of coping? Reach out to friends or mentors, exercise, healthy sleep, and healthy eating. Establish some routine. Let your creativity flow. Sitting quietly, meditation.

Creative Coping provides educational programs and materials for the long-term, for sustainable self care and reflection.

Please note: Creative Coping does not provide emergency services-if needed call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255 and www.crisischat.org

For more info, email info@creativecoping.us or enter your info in “Join our List.”

About the Director: Aviva Perlo, MSW, LSW has coordinated social services for over 15 years, focusing on trauma studies, violence prevention, aging, and behavioral health. She has published over 30 blog posts on loss and healing in local and national outlets. Available for freelance writing and Public Speaking. By age 40, she had lost five immediate loved ones and survived a brush with death. Aviva is a former college soccer player and marathon runner,