When life comes knocking on our door, we learn to cope. Somehow. Someway.

What is coping?

Coping may include: Asking for help, Determining priorities wisely, Gathering resources, and Keeping hope alive.

There is no magic potion to solve life’s problems. We have to work at it.

The goal of Creative Coping is to provide tools to help people realize that we have the capacity to build support systems and cope.

Creative Coping is based on the belief that although we cannot control everything that happens, we can minimize suffering.

What parts can we control? We can build support systems and ask people who we trust to listen to us, to be compassionate, to suggest therapists, doctors, mentors, teachers. We can explore healthy recreational fun, artistic outlets, exercise, nutrition, and more. Creative Coping does not provide all of these things, however, Creative Coping provides programs and materials designed to spark meaningful conversations and help people think about managing adversity.

Whether you have lost a loved one, experiencing an illness, struggling with finances, these things can be hard to deal with.  Sometimes we do not yet have the words to explain what is happening. And we walk through the unknown. And that is okay. Hang in, that’s when it’s time to reach in and reach out to build the healthiest supports possible.   

Talk with friends, avoid isolation, try to regulate healthy sleep and healthy eating, and set up some schedule or routine for ourselves. Creative Coping does not provide emergency care or acute services-if needed call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255 and www.crisischat.org

Creative Coping provides educational programs and materials for the long-term, for reflection, and for sustainable self care.

Creative Coping was founded by Aviva Perlo in early 2011. She brings over 20 combined years of experience in social work, writing, and performance art.

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