Creative Coping provides artistic tools to help at-risk youth and adults to handle life’s stressors, whether that be illness, injury, moves, divorce, and poverty.

Photo: Aviva and Mighty Writers North After-school program practice human cheer-leading in North Philadelphia.

Creative Coping has delivered programs with after-school programs, city recreation centers, University of Pennsylvania VISTA volunteers, mental health clinics for immigrants, community colleges, and nonprofits promoting advocacy and providing grief support.

Due to covd19, we’ve gone remote and have now launched Coping Cafe, a zoom interview show that opens dialogue with diverse voices to seek truth about humanity, disparities, and the power of narratives.


Coping Cafe topics so far:


1. Economic disparities and housing

2. Women artists and the power of creativity

3. When marriages don’t work

4. Mental health and the family’s way of coping

5. Refugees and Rebuilding with HIAS PA and Rwanda survivors

6. How do we know what is true and what is false? Information Literacy, Power of Stories

7. and we’re growing, more to come, what do you want to see?…


How can you get involved in Coping Cafe?


1. Buy tix to Cafe shows on zoom. To be notified of future shows, enter your info in the Contact tab and mention Cafe tix

2. Submit your ideas on Writing Prompts. It just may be read live and/or used in written publications > enter your info in the Contact tab and mention Writing Prompts

3. Ask a Question for Q&A > enter your Question in the Contact tab and mention that you want to be on the Q&A team

4. Sponsor a show. You can promote your name or business with a tax deductible donation > email info@creativecoping.us


Thank you for supporting this vibrant work designed to hear diverse voices and help people manage transitions to live our best lives.