Coping refers to managing difficult situations with some level of fortitude.

Coping may include asking for help, determining your priorities wisely, gathering resources, keeping hope alive, and more. There is no magic solution that will solve your life, rather the goal of Creative Coping is to provide tools that help people to realize that we have the capacity to build support systems to help us cope.

Creative Coping is based on the belief that although we cannot control everything that happens, we can minimize suffering. We can build support systems and ask people who we trust to listen to us, to be compassionate, to suggest therapists, doctors, mentors, teachers, low-cost recreation, nutrition tips, exercise, and more. Creative Coping does not provide all of these things. Creative Coping fosters environments so that personal stories, clinical information,  and types of hip hop therapy can come together. 

Losing a loved one, living in poverty, experiencing an illness can leave us feeling despair.  Sometimes we do not yet have the words to explain what is happening. And we walk through the unknown. Yet we can still practice self care, talk with friends and avoid isolation, try to regulate healthy sleep and healthy eating, and set up some schedule or routine for ourselves.

Creative Coping was founded by Aviva Perlo in early 2011 to educate and provide tools for dealing with loss and transitions. She brings a background in social work, writing, and artistic improvisation. She earned her Masters in Social Work degree from Temple University, her Bachelors in English at University of Texas at Austin, and a dose of learning from the big classroom called life.  Aviva survived a brush with death at age 18 and by age 40, Aviva had lost five loved ones. Her work is Rated D&P=deep and playful.

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