You are not alone.

There are Resources to help. Here is a partial list.

Acknowledgement to the Robert Word Johnson Foundation, the Scattergood Foundation, United Way, ACES trauma newsletter, Philadelphia Youth Network & more for posting sources.

  • Feeding America—Providing healthy food to food banks and pantries across the nation.
  • Meals on Wheels—Delivering meals and checking in on 2.2 million seniors, people with disabilities, and other isolated individuals in communities across the nation.
  • National Domestic Workers Alliance—Providing emergency assistance for qualifying home health care workers, nannies, and house cleaners currently facing financial hardship. Many are people of color and immigrants who may not qualify for federal or state aid.
  • One Fair Wage—Providing cash assistance to tipped workers, gig workers, lower-wage health aides, and service workers who may have lost their jobs, have had shifts cut, or must stay home for safety. Many are young people and immigrants who may not qualify for federal or state aid.
  • Catholic Charities—Providing short-term economic relief and advocacy for social services at the community level, regardless of religion, for individuals unlikely to qualify for federal stimulus dollars.
  • National Day Laborers Organizing Network—Providing farm workers and other day laborers, many of whom are immigrants, financial support and safety-net resources they may not otherwise be able to access.
  • NDN Collective—Distributing resources to groups providing essential services to Native American communities disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis because of inadequate health care infrastructures and historically deficient economic support.
  • Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition—Led by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, this group works with more than 800 local, state, and national partners to prioritize the shelter and housing needs of the lowest income people in impacted areas
  • New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund—Launched by First Lady Tammy Murphy and hosted by the Community Foundation of New Jersey, to address the medical, social, and economic impact of COVID-19
  • Community Foundation of South Jersey, the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation, and the United Way of Northern New Jersey

Note- Creative Coping does not provide acute emergency services. Resources below.


The state of Pennsylvania has a new statewide hotline you can call.

The toll-free, round-the-clock support line can be contacted at 1-855-284-2494. For TTY, dial 724-631-5600.

The hotline was launched in partnership with Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services along with the Center for Community Resoures (CCR), an experienced regional crisis and call center.

The hotline hopes to provide assistance to people struggling with emotions during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Pennsylvanians will overcome this crisis together by following the guidance of public health professionals who advise social-distancing to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, but physical isolation does not mean social isolation,” said DHS Secretary Teresa Miller. “We must support people where they are during this time of crisis.”


National Institute of Mental Health  

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255


________________________________________________   National Public Radio – free news, programs, podcasts

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Trauma, post traumatic growth, general resources

  • ACES Study – , a national research study on trauma conducted by the ACES study, The Center for Disease Control, and Kaiser Permanente. The study links childhood trauma to long-term health consequences. It contains data on social health determinants, childhood trauma, and environmental risk factors.
  • TEDTalk by Pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD
  • Bloom, Sandra, M.D. Sanctuary Model, website
  • Bloom, Sandra, M.D. Creating Sanctuary and Destroying Sanctuary
  • Blumenfeld, Laura. REVENGE: A Story of Hope.
  • Bobo, K. Kendall, J. Max, S. Organizing for Social Change.
  • Brown, Brene, PhD. TED Talks: The Power of Vulnerability.
  • Burton, C. Ed. The Power of Women: Outside the Paradigm
  • Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America sponsors research and educational programs for patients and health care professionals, support for those with chronic intestinal diseases.
  • Epstein, J. and L. Lefkovitz. Eds. Shaping Losses: Cultural Memory and the Holocaust.
  • Frankl, Viktor. Man’s Search for Meaning.
  • Herman, Judith. M.D. Trauma and Recovery.
  • Hollander-Goldfein, B. Isserman, N. and Goldenberg, J. Editors. Transcending Trauma: Survival, Resilience, and Clinical Implications in Survivor Families.

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